Using the Report Viewer
Many reports in Fixed Assets have options to change the reports in various ways at the time of printing.
All reports are viewed before printing with the Crystal Reports Viewer component, as shown below.
Tool bar items from left to right are as follows:
Grey/Red X: Red if a drill-down report opened. This is used to close drill down reports you have opened.
Printer icon: Click this to print to the active printer.
Export Icon (Envelope) - use to export the report to disk or email in a variety of formats (including Adobe pdf)
Group Icon: Use to show or hide the group selection band to the left of the report in the following example.
Size selector: Use to zoom the report in the window to various sizes.
Page selector icons (First,previous,next,last,stop)
Select Expert: Use to set a subset of the records shown.
Search Expert: Used to find a particular record.
Find (Binoculars): Search for text in the report.
The following illustrates what happens when you use the select Expert to find AssetMaster Description fields starting with Com..