Options and Selections for Reports

How to setup report selections for printing Schedule Reports.
















Reports for both the Tax and Accounting Schedules will present the above form prior to printing.

The selection options allow you to

What does the 'Recalculate each asset do'? Selecting this option is usually unnecessary as any changes in the database will automatically force a recalculation of any changed assets.  However, it is possible to directly work with the asset database outside of our software.  An example would be interfaces provided by third parties, or by manual adjustments carried out directly on the data. In these cases, select this option to force all assets to be recalculated.

The Period and Recalculate each asset fields only appear for reports where they are meaningful.


Note on Calculations


When depreciation totals are recalculated for reports or by the Calculate group depreciation window, totals are temporarily stored in the database for the appropriate period. If two users calculate depreciation totals for the same database but for different periods simultaneously inconsistent totals could be reported. This problem has never been reported, nor have we ever been able to produce this error, so it remains theoretical only.


To set up Report grouping -  See Report Grouping


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