Folder locations


File paths to the folders where files are stored.


We  use several standard file locations to store program modules and other files. These folders may be different for different operating  systems.  In the paths given below,  {username} is the Windows user name for the licenced user of the software.


Common Application file data folder: This folder, and its sub-folders store most of Mindbow application files. The main Fixed Assets startup program installs and maintains the software in this folder. To avoid software problems, do not delete, move or modify files in these folders without permission from Mindbow support.


Windows 7:      C:\Users\ {username}\AppData\Roaming\Mindbow

(Also for Vista and newer Microsoft Server operating systems)


Windows XP:   C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Mindbow


Sub-folders beneath the above path store additional information as follows:


Provided Interface Templates:                found in the   \Templates  sub-folder  

 (If you edit a mindbow template always save with a new filename. You may add your own templates to this folder)


Tutorial Database:                                  found in the    \Tutorial  sub-folder

Temporary downloads:                           found in the \Temp  sub-folder

Reference Database:                             found in the \fanew  sub-folder



Note: This information is provided for technical support, and to assist in trouble shooting any issues that may arise.