Backup company (File->Company menu)

Create a local backup of the current company database.


Each Fixed Assets database is stored in a single .MDB file. This should be regularly backed up to external media (such as tape, ZIP drive or CD-R) with a backup program such as Seagate backup, but it can be useful to create a temporary backup on your local hard drive. The Backup company command will create a copy of the database into a datestamped subdirectory of the current company's directory.


Once the backup has been created, Fixed Assets will report the backup's location:


Database successfully backed up to C:\FixedAssets\211200\fasset.b00


Dates are coded into the directory name as ddmmyy (the example is for Friday the 21st of December 2000). The extension (.b00, in this case) is used to distinguish different backups made on the same date.


image\bm4.gif  The Backup company command should not be used as your main backup strategy. This command is provided to allow you to create easily accessible copies of old data only, and can't create backups that will help if your hard drive crashes. For effective disaster recovery, data should be written to external media and stored off-site.


Businesses have failed as a result of lost data. Backups should be made regularly and your recovery procedures tested thoroughly.



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