Asset disposal

The Asset disposal window allows you to add or edit a disposal for an asset. This window will appear when you click either Add or Edit on the Disposals tab of the List Assets window.


Disposals should be entered whenever you sell, write off, or otherwise dispose of an asset. This includes both complete and partial disposals.

Complete disposals
To enter a final disposal enter the disposal's details and select the Asset completely disposed option.

Partial disposals
To enter a partial disposal enter the disposal's details in the Disposal details fields and then enter the depreciation write backs in the Write backs fields. Leave the Asset completely disposed option unselected.

Click the OK button to save the disposal, or Cancel to close the window without saving any changes.

Disposal details

The Disposal details fields are entered for all disposals.

The date of the disposal. This defaults to the current accounting date.
The value recovered by the disposal, if sold. This should be zero if the asset was lost or destroyed.
The quantity disposed, if applicable. This should be left blank, unless the asset records a set of identical assets and its quantity is reduced by the disposal. (For example, a set of chairs might have been reduced by three from twelve to nine.)
A short note describing the reason for the disposal.
Asset completely disposed
Whether the disposal is a final (and complete) disposal, or a write back in the asset's value.

Write backs

Write backs fields are only entered for partial disposals, and describe the amounts to be written off the ledger balances.

The historic cost of the portion of the asset disposed.
Tax depreciation
The tax accumulated depreciation for the portion of the asset disposed.
Any revaluations applying to the portion of the asset disposed.
Accounting depreciation
The accounting accumulated depreciation for the portion of the asset disposed.

The Calculate % button allows you to calculate these figures automatically as a percentage of the asset's cost.

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