Asset addition

The Asset Addition window allows you to add or edit an addition for an asset.



Additions should be entered whenever you add value to an asset, either by adding new components (such as a memory upgrade for a computer) or by adding to the recorded quantity of the asset (such as adding three new chairs to an existing set of twelve, if stored as a single asset).


Enter the details into the Addition details fields:



The date of the addition. This defaults to the current accounting date.


The value of the addition. For revaluations, this is the amount the asset's value has increased by.


The quantity added, if applicable. This should be left blank, unless the asset records a set of identical assets and its quantity is increased by the addition. (For example, a set of chairs might be increased by three from twelve to fifteen.)


Any further information about the addition.


Whether the addition is a revaluation or not. Revaluations affect the accounting schedule only; other additions are applied to both schedules.


Click the OK button to save the addition, or Cancel to close the window without saving any changes.



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