Print a report based on Form Context

Print a report based on the contents of the current open form window.

The Print command creates a report for the current window as appropriate.


Assets List Window


For the main Assets list form window, one of the following reports will be created, depending on context of the currently selected  tab. Some tabbed sections have a sub tabbed section within, and these are shown indented in the list below the diagram.



List tab           Prints Asset master list report.


Details tab      Prints the Asset details report for the currently selected asset.

( Depreciation Tab also prints this report, as it contains depreciation details for the selected asset)


Transactions Tab

Additions Sub Tab

Prints the Additions and revaluations report.

Disposals Sub Tab

             Prints the Disposals report

Service Tab

Maintenance Tab

Prints the Maintenance details report.

Service History Tab

Prints the Maintenance history report.


Groupings window


For the Groupings window (accessed through the Administration menu) one of the following reports will be created, depending on the current tab:


Groups tab          Prints the Group list report.


Branches tab       Prints the Branch list report.


Departments tab   Prints the Department list report.




 You can also select the Context Report by these shortcuts:


Keyboard:  CTRL+P    (Press the Ctrl and P keys at the same time)

Toolbar:     Click the Print report button on the Toolbar. image\bm16.gif