Repair company


Repair and compact the current company database.


Use this command to compress a Fixed Assets database, and to attempt to repair any problems with the database.


A Fixed Assets database may become damaged if there is a power or hardware failure while Fixed Assets is in use. If this has happened, Fixed Assets will usually report a data failure (and a string of run-time errors) on startup. The Repair company command may be able to fix the problem, but if a corruption has occurred it's usually a better idea to restore the database from your most recent backup.


The Repair database command also compresses the database. This is useful because the database engine may sometimes allocate too much space when adding records, or leave too much behind if deleting records, resulting in performance problems later on. Compressing the database is similar in concept to the Windows Disk Defragmenter, and will reduce the database's size (improving its performance) if at all possible.


Mindbow recommend using the Repair database command once a month to improve database efficiency.



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