Login user

Log in as a different user and change the current accounting date.


This dialogue appears when Fixed Assets starts, and can be used again at any time by using the Login user command on the File menu.


User name


The User name field displays the user name you're logged in to Windows with, if appropriate. This is a display-only field and isn't used by Fixed Assets.

ex_yellow_sm.jpgEvery time a new user logs on to Mindbow Fixed Assets, a new user is created with no password, and security is inherited from the 'default' user.  (learn more)




If User security is in effect, enter the appropriate password.

If no password is set, simply leave the password field blank.





The Date field allows you to set the current accounting date. This is used as a default for all transactions you may enter, and also selects the current period. Generally this will be the same as the actual date, but this will depend on your accounting practices.


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