New company

Create a database for a new company.


image\bm4.gif  This option is only available for users registered for multiple companies. Without this option registered Fixed Assets will only support a single company database.


The New Company command creates a blank company database. This allows you to use Fixed Assets to manage multiple companies - each company will have its own database, with its details set up as appropriate.


image\bm1.gif  The first time you run Fixed Assets a company database will be created for you in C:\Mindbow. If you only need to manage a single company with Fixed Assets, you should use that database.


To create a company database:


1. Click the New Company command on the Company menu.

2. Use the Drive box to select the drive you want to save the database in.

3. In the folder list, select the folder you want the database to be created in. Note that the database will have its own directory created inside this folder.

4. Enter the name for the new company database in the New Company Directory field.


A new folder will be created at the location you've specified, and a blank database will be set up in that folder for the new company.


The following messages should then appear:


New company database set up successfully in C:\Mindbow\NewCompany


Preparing company database for first use.


The new database will then be ready for use. You should then set up the company details:


1. The company name and address information should be entered into the Company Details window. Use the Register command on the File menu.

2. The company's calendar should be set up. Use the Calendar command on the Administration menu.

3. Grouping information (groups, branches and departments) must be set up before any assets can be entered. Use the Groupings command on the Administration menu.

4. Options and defaults should also be set up. Use the Administration options command on the Administration menu.


The company database is then ready for assets to be added.



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