Restore company (File->Company menu)

Restore from a local company database backup.


In the case of an irreversible problem with a company database, it may be necessary to recover from a backup. Problems might include:


· The database is corrupt.

· The database has been deleted.

· A series of changes have been incorrectly made to the data, and restoring to a known position is safer than simply undoing the changes.


Local backups made with the Backup company command can be recovered with the Restore company command.


image\bm4.gif  Local backups are only intended for recovering from minor problems. For more drastic problems (such as your hard drive crashing, your computer being infected by a virus, or your computer or server being stolen or destroyed) you'll only be able to recover if you have made an external backup to tape, ZIP disk or CDR with a program such as Seagate backup.


Each Fixed Assets database is stored in a single .MDB file. The Backup company command makes a copy of this database into a datestamped subdirectory of the current directory. The Restore company command allows you to select a backup database and restore it as the current company database.


image\bm4.gif  The existing database will be backed up into the current directory, with an extension of the form '.bnn'.


Dates are coded into the directory name as "ddmmyy". Each directory can hold up to a hundred backups, numbered from ".b00" to ".b99".



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